Sintered Mullite

Our synthetic Sintered Mullite is extremely even in quality, especially compared to fused mullites. It is used for all kinds of friction material formulations with great success already. 

For light vehicle disc brake pads particularly the grade K0 (0-0.1 mm) is used. For a higher coefficient of friction, such as in commercial vehicle brake pads and blocks or sintered friction materials, the coarser grade K1 (0-0.5 mm) is mainly used.

Our customers report as follows:

  • stabilizes the coefficent of friction μ
  • improves the thermo shock resistance
  • swelling of the friction material is reduced
  • improves performing in corrosive environment

These advantages are mainly caused by the interlocked crystallites (in the μm range) of the mullite. The Mohs hardness is in the range of 6-7. The quantity in the formulation can vary between 2-8%, depending on the requested coefficent of friction. The melting temperature is >1,850°C.

Due to the homogeneous phase constitution and a very low amount of impurities this material offers considerable advantages compared to all other (fused) mullites. Sintered Mullite is also used for different types of ceramics.