Potassium & Sodium Titanate

We are proud to be the exclusive sales representative of Otsuka Chemicals, Japan, the world’s leading manufacturer of Potassium & Sodium Titanates. Geographical regions fully covered by us are Europe, Africa and the Middle East. Furthermore we are responsible for a large number of customers in North and South America, India, China and other areas. 

Otsuka offers Potassium & Sodium Titanates under the brand name Terracess, and one specific Potassium Titanate under the brand name TISMO-D.

The Terracess series does not contain any fibers or whiskers but is developed in flake (platelet), spherical or irregular/amorphous shape, as the use of fibers/whiskers is highly restricted in the European Union. TISMO-D however is a purely fibrous Potassium Titanate, which is still available on request.

The advantages of these Titanates in summary:

  • Contain no whiskers = free of any fibers (for all Terracess grades)
  • Improve NVH-value, reduction of e.g. "creep groan" and “hill hold” noise in friction materials
  • Less fading - stable coefficient of friction μ
  • Less corrosion
  • Less wear, pad and rotor, in disc brake pads
  • Real density 3.3 g/cm3

Types Terracess JP, PM, PS, and TF-S are widely used in Europe and promptly available ex stock Germany. 

We can also provide Sodium Titanates. These are - as of now - less used in friction materials; more information on request.