Polyethylene Oxide, also cross-linkable

Polyethylene Oxide (PEO) is a high molecular weight, water-soluble, micro-granular powder ranging from a molecular weight of 100,000 g/mol to 9,000,000 g/mol. It can be used in a variety of applications (e.g. water-based adhesives, cosmetics, water-based paints, paper pulps, concrete, batteries, ceramics, etc.). 

Depending on the grade, the transition from dispersing agent to flocculent is fluent. PEO also functions as thickening and lubricating agent and can be generally regarded as processing aid and may offer additional useful effects depending on the application.

As a novelty, we also offer modified PEO with lower crystallization properties or added functional groups which increase solubility with hydrophobic ingredients (e.g. CNT) or functional groups which add a cross-linking effect to PEO.