Mica Powders, dry- & wet-ground

We offer Muscovite and Phlogopite Mica (also coated with organo-silicon compounds), dry- and wet-ground, in different particle size distributions, also micronized. 

Mica is a natural lamellar mineral with several unique physical properties. Its ability to form layers which can be easily split or delaminated due to its crystalline structure results in thin sheets which are chemically inert, elastic, flexible, resilient, insulating and dielectric. It is stable during exposure to high temperatures, light, moisture and electricity.

Muscovite Mica is mainly used as thermal and electrical insulation filler material and by the electrical industry e.g. in capacitors (ideal for high and radio frequencies) and for commutators, whereas Phlogopite Mica can be used in higher temperature applications (up to 900°C), due to its increased thermal stability.

Ground Mica in general can be used in a variety of applications, e.g., as filler for shiny paints and also as pigment extender in the paint industry, various plastics, welding rods, cosmetics, additive to drilling fluids in the well-drilling industry, and as lightweight noise insulation and reinforcing material in the automotive sector. 

In the friction materials industry Mica is used due to its outstanding heat resistance properties.

The rubber processing industry uses Mica mainly as separating agent.