Magnesium Oxide

Magnesium Oxide is one of the main products used in the friction materials industry to regulate the pH value of a formulation as well as to improve thermal stability of phenolic resins.

Most of the Magnesium Oxides used in friction is derived from a calcination process of Magnesium Carbonate, resulting in a product sometimes also called "caustic calcined Magnesium Oxide". 

Synthetic (or precipitated) Magnesium Oxide is used to a lesser extent, since the overall reactivity tends to be lower than that of the natural material, while being more expensive as well. 

The third type of Magnesium Oxide called Dead Burned Magnesite is not regularly used in friction, since the manufacturing process leaves the material almost inert and non-reactive, which makes it less beneficial for above mentioned purposes. It is therefore only used in such cases where pH regulation is not the reason for using Magnesium Oxide.

Other industries that Magnesium Oxide is used in are floor pavements, heat-resistant kiln furnishings and the feed & food industry.