Magnesium Chloride

We offer different qualities of Magnesium Chloride (hexahydrate), MgCl2 x 6H2O - in flake or powder form - ranging from technical over food to pharmaceutical grades.

Magnesium Chloride is mainly used as precursor for the production of solid magnesium by electrolysis. It is also used for dust control/as a suppressant for powders and bulk material. Together with Magnesium Oxide it is used in magnesium oxychloride cements (Sorel cement). 

As catalyst support it is able to increase not only the activity but also stereospecifity of traditional catalysts (Ziegler-Natta) for the production of polyolefines.

Solutions of pharmaceutical grades can be used in the treatment of electrolyte deficiencies and in dialysis solutions. 

Other applications include:

  • detergents and treatment of textiles
  • animal feed additive and in fertilizer mixtures
  • drilling fluids
  • as de-icing agent on roads, highways, sidewalks, etc.