Kynol Fibers

Through our subsidiary Kynol Europa GmbH we can offer a wide range of milled, chopped and staple fibers under the brand name Kynol®

Main characteristics are:

in flame

  • high flame resistance, non-melting at any temperature
  • minimal smoke, nearly no shrinkage
  • no toxic gases are released (no HCN, halogens, etc.)
  • retention of textile integrity, no embrittlement or breakage

and in general

  • outstanding resistance to acids, solvents, bleaches, fuels, other chemicals and steam, good hydrolysis resistance
  • excellent thermal and electrical insulation
  • good moisture regain (6%) and soft hand; comfortable in wear and use 
  • low weight (specific gravity 1.27 g/cm3)
  • not aggressive to processing equipment and tools

For more details, please see the website of our subsidiary: