Kaolin is a naturally occurring clay mineral, a sheet silicate, which mainly consists of kaolinite (Al2Si2O5(OH4)). It is also called china clay. It derives from aluminium silicate minerals, mainly weathered feldspar, and therefore contains other minerals such as quartz and mica as well. Depending on the level of these impurities, the character of Kaolin changes. 

Its appearance is in most deposits white and glossy. The hardness is about 2.5 Mohs and it has a soft and flexible touch, i.e. it is not abrasive. 

More than 50% of the world production is used for the production of paper after muddling (washing out) a major part of the SiO2

We offer the mined raw Kaolin type with approx. 70-75% SiO2. Its main applications are in many different industries, e.g. ceramics and as filler in rubber, plastics, paints etc.

In the friction materials industry, Kaolin is used as low cost filler in both dry and wet mixes. Different particle sizes are available.