Interlayer Kiln Furniture Papers

Our InterlayerKiln Furniture Papers consist of alumina fibers (97% Al2O3 and 3% SiO2) and small amounts of natural pulp as binder (less than 5%). We can also offer Interlayer Kiln Furniture Papers with an increased carbon content; in this case 40% of alumina fibers are substituted by carbon fibers. 

InterlayerKiln Furniture Papers are used as mould release sheets during the sintering process of crystalline glasses or metal powders. The mould or the surface is being lined with the paper. These papers are an alternative to mould release powders and should be considered as an “ease-of-use” product. 

Their higher price is often at least partially compensated by reducing work-intense cleaning times before and after each sintering process. Furthermore, in case of metal powders, less swirling of metal dust is observed thus avoiding any damage to vacuum pumps used in the production. In summary, the key point of this product is a positive effect on production parameters in labor-cost-intensive countries over time.