Colemanite (Calcium Borate)

Our Colemanite is a hydrous calcium borate with the chemical formula 2CaO 3B2O3 5H2O, belonging to the group of Boron Minerals. Boron Minerals have many applications. 

  • Agriculture

In agriculture boron minerals are essential micronutrients for plants, vital to their growth and development. The role of boron minerals is associated with the cell division and development of the growth parts of the plants. They are also needed for a good fertilization, seeding and fruit growth. The use of boron micronutrients in soils with high deficiency can increase productivity around 30%. 

  • Ceramics

Due to their strong fluxing action boron minerals are essential ingredients in many ceramic glazes and enamels. 

  • Glass

Boron minerals are important ingredients in many glass types like glass wool, fiberglass, optical fiberglass and borosilicate glasses. 

  • Detergents

Different forms of borates are used for laundry detergents and cleaners as bleaching agent, enzymes stabilizer, alkaline buffering etc. 

  • Metallurgical

In the metallurgical industry, borates are used in the production of steel and non-ferrous metals, alloys, magnets and welding compounds; this is due to their fluxing activity during the smelting process (dissolving impurities and protecting the metal). 

  • Rubber and Plastics

In rubber and plastics boron minerals are used as flame retardants and polymer additives. 

  • Construction Materials

Colemanite is applied as a flame retardant e.g. in bituminous cardboard roofings. 
In neutron shielding concrete Colemanite is an economic aggregate to enhance the shielding properties.

Beside these main applications there are numerous other uses of boron and boron compounds like wood preservation, polymerization agent, pharmaceutical and cosmetics.