Bone Ash

We offer both DiCalcium Phosphate as well as TriCalcium Phosphate.

  • DiCalcium Phosphate

DiCalcium Phosphate is applied as a food supplement for non-ruminant animals.

  • TriCalcium Phosphate

This is a natural, white product. For the production of TriCalcium Phosphate only fresh bones approved by the National Inspection Service for Livestock and Meat are used. TriCalcium Phosphate is obtained from crushed, degreased and degelatinized bone chips and calcined at a temperature of 1,100°C. TriCalcium Phosphate is free from organic material, chemically inert and has been obtained from Bone Ash by a special milling and sifting procedure.

TriCalcium Phosphate is used in the non-ferrous casting industry to protect the equipment, e.g. launders for mould coating and as a release agent. In the friction materials industry, it acts as mild abrasive and functional filler, as well as mild anti-corrosive.