Measuring Instruments for Elastic Constants

Alroko proudly represents Industrial Measurement Systems (IMS), Inc., manufacturer of specialized ultrasonic-based instrumentation. Applications include elastic property measurements, process control, and ultrasonic thermometry. 

Of particular interest to the friction material industry is the ETEK 3000, a laboratory instrument used to measure elastic constants of new friction material formulations (SAE J2725). The technique is a destructive test and requires sample preparation.  Results are used as input for simulations directed at reducing noise and vibration.

Additionally, the iETEK and RiETEK were developed for a non-destructive test. The same ultrasonic technology is used as in the ETEK equipment. The results include dynamic modulus and signal loss as a function of position and pre-load. Both instruments measure intact, as-manufactured brake pads, non-destructively for quality assurance purposes. No sample preparation is involved and most sizes/shapes of pads can be measured. Results provide information on spatial uniformity and batch-to-batch consistency.

The primary difference between the iETEK and RiETEK is in the parts handling. The iETEK includes a stepper motor to provide pre-load on the brake pad and as well as to measure the total thickness. With the iETEK, the operator is the “parts handler” to move the pad to different positions. The RiETEK is a modular unit and is intended to be integrated into a production line environment with the customer providing the mechanical systems for pre-load, thickness dimensioning and parts handling. The RiETEK can measure multiple positions per pad simultaneously using the modular design.  As a result, brake pads can be tested at a rate of 6 seconds per pad when the RiETEK instruments are combined with suitable parts handling equipment. 

In addition to instrumentation manufacture, IMS Inc. has an applications laboratory that provides testing services for measuring composite elastic properties. 

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