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  Scorch Machines

There are three different methods for scorching of brake pads currently being used during production:

  • Hot plate without pressure
  • Hot plate with pressure
  • Infrared

We are able to offer you all three, whichever you prefer and suits your needs best. We guide and advise our customers during all phases of the procurement process, starting from defining the requirements, during development and implementation until training, documentation and final acceptance.

Hot Plate Scorching Machines

The hot plate scorching machine with pressure.

This scorching machine was developed in order to optimize the brake pad surface by efficient pressure and heat treatment. All products are subject to a constant process of updating and development, enabling us to reach not only high standards of performance but also a reliability which is appreciated by many friction materials producers world-wide.

The following operations will be executed by the machine:

  • Automatic loading of ground brake pads via a conveyor belt
  • The brake pads are automatically positioned by a ‘pick-and-place’ unit on changeable plates set into the timed chain belt
  • The pads are pressed against ten heated plates mounted in the upper part of the machine inside a water-cooled rack

Loading of Brake Pads.


Changeable hot plates

  • Scorched brake pads are automatically moved to the next step in production after passing a water-cooled transporting system

By exchanging the plates the machine can be adjusted to all different shapes and pin arrangements of any brake pad. The machine is controlled by a SPC Siemens S7 which allows to set the needed values for hydraulic pressure, temperature of the hot plates and the pressing cycle times.

The scorching machine comprises of the following modules:

  • Pneumatic loading unit
  • Chain conveyor belt with changeable plates
  • Hot plate system with hydraulically driven pistons
  • Water-cooled transport system
  • Electro-pneumatic control, complete with SPC Siemens S7.

Operator Panel


Technical Details:
Pressure: max. 120 bar
Temperature: max. 750° C
Cycle time: ca. 4 seconds/pad

We can also offer a laboratory version of this machine without hydraulic component.

For further information please contact us

Infrared Scorching Machines

The main characteristics and advantages of these machines are:

  • Absolutely uniform scorching results (in reference to the weight loss of the brake pads)
  • Absolutely uniform scorching of the brake pad surface
  • No preheating time, infrared starts instantaneously as soon as the first brake pad is put on the belt
  • Energy savings due to no preheating and automatic switch off when no brake pad is fed into the machine
  • Highly adjustable belt speed allows infrared curing in parallel to the scorching process
  • Optimized operating costs
  • A constant, fast and clean process
  • Only low maintenance needed, high operational reliability
  • Good cost/performance ratio

Furthermore a lot of our customers appreciate that the pads do neither crumble nor bend.

It would be our pleasure to send you detailed information - corresponding to your specific needs - upon your request.