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  Grinding Machines for Linings (ID/OD)
Our Grinding machine for Linings (ID/OD) is an integrated grinding line with load and unload at ergonomic elevations. A magazine feed system is utilized for loading while an exit system will ensure the parts are stacked and returned to the operator near the loading area. The system is capable of handling part ranges of 14 to 20,3-cm radius and 10,1 to 25,4-cm height with a production rate of up to 20 parts per minute.

The ID grinder utilizes a sanding belt type design, while the OD grind head is servo driven. Fixture change is required only if the ID radius changes. Taper parts and parallel parts can be processed on a common fixture (no mechanical changes necessary). The integrated line also features two OD grind heads for rough and fine cuts. The maximum rough cut is approximately 0,25 cm. The system is shown in the illustration with an integral edge paint and print (one edge only). Other configurations are available.

Change over time (same ID radius) is approximately 10 minutes, while change over time with different ID radius is 30 minutes.

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