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  Grinding Machines for Pads

We guide and advise our customers during all phases of the procurement process, starting from defining the requirements, during development and implementation until training, documentation and final acceptance.


The Processing center has been developed in accordance with the individual requirements of the customer as well as the optimisation of existing production lines by integration of single elements. All products are subject to a constant process of updating and development, enabling our principal to reach not only high standards of performance but also a reliability which is appreciated by many friction materials producers world-wide.


The Processing Center improves the efficiency of the brake pad grinding process to the highest possible level by automatically performing the following six production steps (if needed) within one processing cycle:

  • Untreated brake pads are loaded automatically via a conveyor belt
  • The pads are automatically positioned by a 'pick-and-place' unit on the magnetic tool set on the circular table
  • Surface, slot and chamfers of each pad are ground by diamond grinding wheels (thickness, slot depth, position and relative position of the chamfers are progressively adjustable)

Loading of Brake Pads



  • If necessary, the length of the pads will be ground as well, especially for railway shoes
  • After grinding the pads are inspected with respect to thickness and chamfer by laser; deficient pads are separated and collected in a locked box
  • Correctly ground and inspected pads are removed automatically to the next production step via a conveyor belt

To our knowledge no other manufacturer on the market can provide all these operations combined in one machine.

The Processing Center can easily be adapted to existing production processes due to its modular design, e. g. also manual loading of the pads is possible. Furthermore, for each processing step we can offer alternatively a ‘stand-alone’ solution which can also be integrated in an existing line. The necessary automation can also be provided by us.

The following modules are generally possible and can be modified/replaced in accordance with the individual needs of the respective customer:

  • Pneumatic positioning handling unit
  • Circular table with magnetic tool set
  • Grinding spindle fitted on a servo-driven carriage unit for thickness grinding
  • Two grinding spindles with automatic angular and depth adjustment and carriage unit for chamfer grinding
  • Grinding spindle for slot grinding
  • Laser-based inspection-unit for thickness and chamfers
  • Pneumatic discharge handling unit separating deficient pads
  • Protective cover according to UVV (German accident prevention regulations)
  • Electro-pneumatic control, complete with SPC Siemens S7

By using a special milling-machine 'green grinding' (grinding before curing) is also possible. Additionally, the Processing Center is equipped with a modem in order to ensure on-line support as well as fast service anytime, world-wide.

We can provide a Processing Center for the following brake pads/friction products:

  • Light vehicle pads (passenger cars to light commercial vehicles/2.5 tons)
  • Commercial vehicle pads for all kinds of trucks and busses (exceeding 2.5 tons)
  • Motorcycle pads
  • Railroad pads
  • Clutch facings (also available with additional drilling device)

Technical Details:

  • Grinding accuracy: +/- 0.05 mm
  • Cycle time: 2.5 – 3.5 seconds/pad

For further information please contact us.