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  Infrared Curing
The Infrared Curing Machine (IRC) is a high efficiency in-line unit, designed for the curing of friction material. By adjusting the belt speed scorching in parallel to curing or scorching only is also possible. Three different belt widths are regularly available: 300 mm, 600 mm and 1.000 mm.

The infrared process offers certain advantages:

  • Absolutely uniform results (in reference to the weight loss of the brake pads)

  • Absolutely uniform appearance of the brake pad surface

  • No preheating time, infrared starts instantaneously as soon as the first brake pad is put on the belt

  • Energy savings due to no preheating and automatic switch off when no brake pad is fed into the machine

  • Highly adjustable belt speed allows infrared scorching in parallel to the curing process

  • Optimized operating costs

  • A constant, fast and clean process

  • Only low maintenance needed, high operational reliability

  • Good cost/performance ratio

More information are available upon request.