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  Milling Machines
The milling-machine for disc brake pads was developed in order to optimise the brake pad production process by saving costs for raw materials. In the brake pad production process the milling-machine is used for ‚green-grinding‘ of brake pads prior to curing them.

Description of process:
The brake pad is loaded into the milling-machine with its surface downwards via a conveyor belt. At the end of the conveyor belt the brake pad is aligned and stopped by a feeding device. An electromagnet with pole flange fitted to a pneumatically driven shifting unit fixes and lifts the brake pad. The brake pad is then pushed along a hard alloy milling head which is milling the brake pad to the required thickness. The target value for thickness can be adjusted by a hand wheel (accuracy +/- 0.1 mm) and is displayed digitally. After milling the processed brake pad is released by the electromagnet and the next conveyor belt removes the brake pad from the machine. The particles being removed are exhausted, recycled and re-entered into the production process. This recycling may save up to ten percent of the costs per pad.

Technical Data:
Cycle time: max. 20 seconds/pad
Pad size: up to 260 x 130 mm
Milling head: 320 mm (diameter)

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