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  Automatic Engraving Machines
This machine with bar magazine has been developed for the automatic engraving of metal sheets components.

The double bar magazine is located on a carriage. An exchange of the magazine is simple and can be done very quickly, e.g. if a different metal sheet component is to be engraved.

The operator stacks the parts which are to be engraved into the left magazine. The bar magazine accepts up to 80 pieces. After closing the protection door the carriage with the stacked metal sheet components is moved under the engraving station. The stack is then lifted from below by means of a pneumatically driven piston and pressed against a swiveling panel with a permanent magnet. For engraving the two-line text into the surface of the metal sheet component a diamond coated needle is lowered. After engraving the left stack is lowered whereas the just engraved metal sheet component is retained by magnets in the swiveling plate, which flips the engraved part over by 180° placing it above the right magazine. A pneumatic cylinder detaches the engraved part from the magnet, which drops into the right magazine where the forming stack is slowly lowered by a second piston. When the whole left stack is engraved the carriage with the double bar magazine moves to the removal position. The operator can now open the protection door and take out the engraved metal sheet components from the right magazine.

The text which shall be engraved can be entered through a keyboard, previously entered and saved texts can also be selected. One machine cycle lasts about 8 to 25 seconds, depending on the text.

Machine dimensions are 1,35m x 0,9m x 1,85m (L x W x H).